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Meet The Team

  • Sandra Hudson

    Sandra Hudson
    CEO Trust & Wealth Management
    President, TrustBank Arizona

  • Gregory Furseth

    Gregory Furseth
    Chief Fiduciary Officer
    Senior Vice President

  • Philip Hotchkiss

    Philip Hotchkiss
    Chief Wealth Strategist
    Vice President

  • Lisa Sullivan

    Lisa Sullivan
    Chief Trust Operations Officer
    Senior Trust Officer

  • Jordan Blevins

    Jordan Blevins
    Senior Portfolio Manager
    Vice President

  • Matt Pierce

    Matt Pierce
    Senior Portfolio Manager
    Vice President
    CFA, CFP®

  • Linda

    Linda Vaughan
    Trust Officer

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Higgins
    Senior Relationship Manager
    Senior Vice President

  • Aaron Mascarella 4

    Aaron Mascarella
    Senior Relationship Manager
    Vice President

  • Angela Chavira

    Angela Chavira
    Wealth Strategist Advisor

  • Annette Lawson

    Annette Lawson
    Assistant Trust Officer

  • Cathy Olague

    Cathy Olague
    Senior Digital Marketing & Sales Support Officer

  • Dennis

    Dennis Fernandez
    Treasury Management
    Senior Client Consultant Officer

  • Dillon Clark Oden

    Dillon Clark-Oden
    Personal Banker
    Investment Associate

  • Donna Peace Cropped

    Donna Peace
    Team Lead
    Trust Operations

  • Jeffrey Wallace

    Jeffrey Wallace
    Loan Administrative Associate

  • Jenny Bovee

    Jenny Bovee
    Trust Administrative Associate

  • Kaoife Lalor

    Kaoife Lalor Fraser
    Senior Commercial Credit Analyst Associate Relationship Manager

  • Lauren Sweet 1

    Lauren Sweet
    Arizona Banking Manager
    Investment Executive

  • Leslie

    Leslie Hotchkiss
    Senior Investment
    Management Specialist

  • Paige

    Paige Cadien
    Trust Administrative Associate

  • Virginia Asher

    Virginia Asher
    Senior Financial Planner
    CFP® (US and Canada)