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Women Wealth Wine February

Texas is the #1 state in the nation for Female Entrepreneurs

Houston’s Bay Oaks Country Club, was the setting of “Women Wealth & Wine” a conversational and informative new SERIES HOSTED BY TEXAS CITIZENS BANK in partnership with TRUSTBANK, to engage professional women and business owners who share common financial goals and challenges.

Houston’s notable all female presenters are comprised of business leaders and professionals including, entrepreneurs, attorneys, CPA’s, managers, corporate executives, and financial professionals who educate, support, and mentor women about their MONEY. How to secure it, grow it, and spend it.

Launched by Sandra Hudson, President of TrustBank and CEO Trust and Wealth, is a sought out professional expert speaker, who has crafted a lifelong career and passion for teaching and supporting women’s growing financial needs. “With over 30 years in the wealth profession, my goal is to engage women in open conversation, delivered by top professionals, about their own financial future. Our lives revolve around money. Knowledge

and planning allow for greater choices with more success in our lives and futures.” states Hudson.

eatured speaker Kara Clemow, CPA, Manager at BKD, is a tax manager who spoke about the recent tax reform laws and how to plan for these changes for both individuals and business owners, as well as touching on the new Secure Act. Engaged with many questions from the audience, they inquired about deductions which are complicated, newly written laws which are unique to each business and their clients. Houston is model for women business entrepreneurs – one of the top in the nation.

Women Wealth & Wine is a bi-monthly series, next slated for APRIL 2020. Business start-up’s, succession, real estate, taxes, loans, business growth, sales and financial resources are FUTURE KEY TOPICS. For your INVITATION AND RESERVATIONS email: Stephanie.Bawolek@tbaz.com.

Women and wine and financial success