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Trustbank Wine And Chocolate Ocotillo New Year New Time

Learn how the economy impacts your personal economy…

TrustBank hosted its well-received “WINE AND CHOCOLATE!” casual market update experience at the Ocotillo offices. The crowd enjoyed unique wines, chocolate and desserts. A great entrée’ to learn more about the most talked about issue of our time, wise money investments and prudent management.

The highlight of discussion was the 2018 Review/2019 Outlook!

“Our vision is to inform and educate our important clients. They trust our guidance, so we provide the most up to date information, coupled with our expert strategic assessment in order to integrate these significant trends into our valued customer solutions. Our casual “Wine and Chocolate!” event creates a comfortable exchange of one of the most serious topics of our lives - money management.” states Sandra Hudson, President and CEO Wealth Management, TrustBank Arizona.

Interested guests met and mingled with TrustBank teams of advisors, wealth strategists, portfolio managers and had the opportunity to ask their pertinent questions while learning about 2019 market prospects. The “Wine and Chocolate!” events are hosted the 4th Wednesday of every month at one of three TrustBank offices.

Wine and Chocolate Ocotillo