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Trustbank Sponsors Lets Talk Arizona State Womens Council Of Realtors

TrustBank Sponsors “Let’s Talk” Arizona State Women’s Council of Realtors

Summer Education Event

Attracts women Realtors top producers

August 23, 2016, Mesa, Arizona -- Mesa’s Shalimar Country Club was the setting for the 2016 annual summer education series, “Let’s Talk”, hosted by the Arizona State Women’s Council of Realtors. A packed audience of women Realtors statewide, gathered to learn new business practices from local and national speakers like Renate Mousseaux, MA E.D., author of Body Language and its Power.

TrustBank, Arizona is a proud sponsor of the Women’s Council of Realtors. The bank provided information packets to all attendees. Sandra Hudson, President and CEO Wealth Management for TrustBank, attended the event to meet local women Realtors and gain knowledge of their industry.

Today Women’s Council is a nationwide community of 18,000 real estate professionals who include many of the best and brightest in the business. The backbone of WCR is its network of more than 300 local and state chapters with volunteer managers trained to position their groups as a business resource in their REALTOR® communities.

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“As a woman in business, I wholeheartedly share my own expertise and passion in the support of women pursuing their careers, hard work and their future. TrustBank serves women Realtors financial needs - from daily banking to building their own financial life plan. Our mission is simple. We help strengthen their daily and long financial decisions. The Women’s Council or Realtors is an example of dedicated career women whose financial footing is as important as each transaction they steward. We believe each women deserves to understand and guide her own career and financial success.” states Sandra Hudson, President and CEO Wealth Management for TrustBank, Arizona.

WCR is the twelfth largest U.S. women’s professional organization and has one of the most successful communication networks in the NAR (National Association of Realtors) family.

TrustBank has been providing expertise and personalized service throughout the U.S. for over a century. Personal wealth strategy, growing a business, or planning for your family's future are hallmarks of its continued success. TrustBank has received the highest Bauer Financial Rating and is FDIC insured.