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Introducing Jordan Blevins Senior Portfolio Manager

Jordan Blevins

Getting to Know Jordan Blevins...

Please join us in welcoming Jordan Blevins, Senior Portfolio Manager, to the TrustBank team. Jordan has the expertise and caring to provide the hallmark tradition of TrustBank’s exceptional client service.

Q: Why did you select TrustBank as a step in your professional career path?

Since many of our new methods of conducting business have changed, I wanted to associate with a bank that provides cutting edge custom solutions delivered with a more personal approach. I enjoy the opportunity to build strong relationships with my clients. It’s notable that TrustBank is over 109 years old and is still at the forefront of its industry and peer recognition. They perform complex financial services one-to-one for each client and their specific needs. You only do this by personally knowing their unique lives.

Q: How did your career bring you to TrustBank?

Everything that I had strived for with my advanced degrees, as well as my business career experiences are a culmination of skills, talents, teams, and hard work. At TrustBank I can utilize my strengths as an asset to their highly accomplished teams of professionals.

Q: Explain how Investment Management is crucial in today’s pivoting financial climate.

We’ve never experienced such a complex global economy, dynamic geo-politics, and government intervention. Navigating the capital markets to successfully grow and preserve wealth over time is the pivot point for clients as well as our evolutionary economy.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Married to a wonderful and supportive wife, who is a nurse and best friend. We are raising our cute 3-year-old son and have our hands full with our ever curious little one.

Q: What’s your passion(s) outside of your career?

Too many! I enjoy cactus gardening, anything related to cars especially my classic 1966 Chevrolet that I’ve restored over the last 20+ years. I also am building a new saltwater reef fish aquarium that will serve as the focal point of our home.