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Introducing Aaron Mascarella Senior Vice President Of Commercial Lending

Aaron Mascarella

Please join us in welcoming Aaron Mascarella, Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending to the TrustBank team. Aaron looks forward to working with the professionals at TrustBank and building his business and continued community engagement.

Q: How did you select TrustBank as part of your career path?

A: I personally enjoy working with the trust side of the business, more so than typical commercial bank experiences which are purely transactional. TrustBank works personally with its clients. They are very client centric. My confidence is knowing that the experts at TB are as accessible as they are talented. The professional team is quick and very responsive in sharing ideas to create solutions. We can get back with our clients promptly with a decision so they don’t wait. It’s a highly personalized culture at TrustBank, which I admire.

Q: How did you career lead you to TrustBank?

A: At 18, I took a position in a small community bank in Illinois. After, I moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University and then trained to become a private banker. Later I was promoted to commercial lending, first as a credit analyst, then progressed to become a loan officer and worked with many high net worth clients.

Q: Explain how lending is important in today’s pivoting financial climate.

A: With TrustBank, we are able to lend in any state with the connection point in Arizona. There are still significant opportunities for commercial and residential lending that we can define and participate. Arizona is breaking records on luxury home sales as well as commercial building. While many financial entities are shying away from sizeable loan requests, TrustBank will engage in larger loan opportunities if prudent for the select borrower.

Q: Tell about yourself and your family.

A: I grew up outside of Chicago and go back whenever I can to visit my family and friends. However, Arizona and the friends I have met, really taught me to enjoy the outdoors and helped me to explore many parts of The West. I enjoy hobbies like trial running, cycling, and fly fishing – which I did in Montana recently.

Q: What’s your passion outside of career.

A: I’m passionate about community and volunteering. I have a special place for Habitat for Humanity and all of the good work they do. In years past, part of my charge was to help coordinate community financing for some of their projects. Another exciting passion is hosting educational salons with a distinguished Arizona group called “The Spirit of the Senses.” It allows me to participate by being close to experts in a personal setting to learn about worldly practices like science, technology, the environment and engaging topics of our time.

Q: What are a few little known facts about you?

A: I love to run, but I’m very slow! I pushed myself to finish a couple of 100 mile trail runs with my good friends who I train with on the weekends all around this beautiful state. My favorite movies are obviously A River Runs Through It and The Edge.