TrustBank: Building Prosperity for More Than a Century

We specialize in creating integrated solutions that consider your entire situation - where you are today, and where you are heading. Whether you are developing a personal wealth strategy, growing a business, or planning for your family's future, our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

You and your finances deserve expert advocates who know you and understand you and your dreams. Business owners, professionals and individuals will find knowledgeable advisors at TrustBank. For more than a century, expertise and personalized service have been the hallmarks of our business. They still are and always will be.

At TrustBank, we make personal and business banking, along with providing superior service to our customers, the cornerstone of our business.

We are excited to introduce you to the all-new TrustBank ProsperityPortal platform, available exclusively for our valued clients. Discover a wide array of advantages with the ProsperityPortal, easily accessing your TrustBank accounts, while seamlessly connecting with over 20,000 financial institutions.

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