Scam Alert: P2P Phishing Scams

2017 Oct 31

P2P Phishing Scams

P2P payments are on the rise!  People are using them for everything from the purchase of goods, to splitting the dinner bill with friends.  P2P is fast, convenient and cheap.  However, as P2P payments become more common, people are likely to let their guard down when it comes to the notification emails associated with P2P.

Below is an example of a P2P phishing email.  At first glance it appears that Wells Fargo is notifying the recipient of a P2P payment.  Upon closer inspection by mousing over links contained in the email, it is apparent that these links are pointing to websites not affiliated with Wells Fargo.  The scam is to attempt to get you to enter online banking credentials and other personal information and then pass this information on to fraudsters for account takeover or identity theft.

As always:

1. Be suspicious of any email from an unknown sender, especially if they promise you will receive money.

2. Check links in emails by mousing over them without clicking to see if they are pointing to legitimate websites.  If the link looks suspicious, don't click on it.

3. When in doubt, delete suspicious or unexpected emails!

Be safe out there!