“Impactful Experiences - Guru Series” hosted by Board Member Bob Glovitz and Cheryl Campbell

Why a “Guru Series?”  

Providing a better understanding and appreciation for the dedicated people and businesses who grow our communities, TrustBank featured seasoned Arizona Agriculture Experts from commerce, farming and cattle ranching. Graciously hosted at the lovely home of Board member Bob Glovitz and Cheryl Campbell, our hosts welcomed business leaders, community leadership and industry executives who engaged in a night of lively ideas about Arizona’s Agriculture -  past, present and future. Can you name Arizona’s Five C’s of the past? How about the new Arizona Five C’s…. these critical Arizona resources shape our daily lives. 

TrustBank Guru Series

(Left to right: Mark Killian, Jay Whetten, Sandra Hudson, and Bob Glovitz)

Mark Killian, Director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Stephanie Smallhouse, President of Arizona Farm Bureau and Jay Whetten President of Arizona Cattle Growers spoke to their respective challenges and the amazing ascent of Arizona’s role in sustainable food sources.  “The importance of supporting our local Agriculture – farmers, growers and cattle ranching has always been a priority for TrustBank.  Many of our own executives have grown up in ranching and farming – we understand their needs. We strategize with each client’s unique financial business needs, which in turn support their families, and protect their legacy. “ states Sandra Hudson, CEO Trust and Wealth Management, President TrustBank Arizona.  

(Left to right: Jay Whetten, Stephanie Smallhouse, and Mark Killian)

In a Panel discussion, guests asked Agriculture experts about technology, labor, water and environment, all which heavily contribute to the collaborative success of our Arizona future, and that of our country. Mark Killian stated, “Arizona is definitely an Agribusiness hub.  We produce multi-billions of dollars in commerce annually and the future depends on our education and awareness of how everyone can become involved in its success.”

(Guru Series hosted by TrustBank at the home of Bob Glovitz and Cheryl Campbell)

Helping to sustain the future of local growers to farmers is up to all of us.  From our grocery store consumption to brilliant ideas furthering technology or engaging younger leaders to consider a life in Agriculture. Who wouldn’t want to grow a wonderful life in the beautiful outdoors, live in wide open spaces and contribute to future generations to provide food on their tables… 

The next “Impactful Experience – GURU SERIES”, will be hosted in early 2019.