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  • Market Summary: May 2019

    The Markets (as of market close May 31, 2019) Stocks fell sharply in May, closing out their worst month since last December. Each of the benchmark indexes posted month-over-month losses exceeding 6.5%. While market performance has … Read More

  • TrustBank Appreciation Event

    TrustBank Gratitude Event TrustBank APPRECIATION to the many valued clients and expert industry partners … A beautiful Arizona evening complete with a light showers and rainbow, was the setting for TrustBank’s … Read More

  • Market Summary: April 2019

    The Markets (as of market close April 30, 2019) As April came to a close, each of the benchmark indexes listed here posted strong monthly returns. In fact, for several of the indexes, April brought … Read More

  • TrustBank Sponsors 2019 Make a Wish Gala

    Pictured left to right: Philip Hotchkiss, Chief Wealth Strategist TrustBank; Sandra Hudson, CEO Trust & Wealth Management, President TrustBank Arizona; Kim Bankofier, CEO Bankofier Group; and Todd Bankofier, CEO Audioeye. Fresh, floral, Spring … Read More

  • Market Summary: Q1 2019

    The Markets (first quarter through March 29, 2019) Following a tumultuous close to 2018, stocks enjoyed a robust January. Positive feedback from ongoing negotiations between the United States and China, coupled with strong job growth, low … Read More

  • A Retirement Income Roadmap for Women

    More women are working and taking charge of their own retirement planning than ever before. What does retirement mean to you? Do you dream of traveling? Pursuing a hobby? Volunteering your time, or … Read More

  • Market Month: February 2019

    The Markets (as of market close February 28, 2019) Each of the benchmark indexes listed here posted positive monthly gains, led by the Russell 2000, which lapped the field after gaining over 5.0% for the month. The … Read More

  • Trustbank’s Wine & Chocolate - Camelback

    The TrustBank Camelback office hosted its monthly “WINE AND CHOCOLATE!” gathering that never disappoints. Guests from around the city make their way to TrustBank to engage with management, wealth strategists … Read More

  • Market Month: January 2019

    The Markets (as of market close January 31, 2019) Investors celebrated a month in which several indexes posted their best January performance in three decades. A strong labor market, low inflation, and a more "patient" … Read More