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  • Market Month: August 2021

    The Markets (as of market close August 31, 2021) The benchmark indexes enjoyed a solid August, with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq reaching record highs multiple times during the month. In fact, the … Read More

  • A Map for Your Family

    A will is an essential legal document that describes how your estate should be distributed upon your death. It is the basis for the probate process and can serve as a guide for … Read More

  • New Global Tax Accord Takes Shape

    After more than four years of international negotiations taking place mostly behind the scenes, 132 countries — representing more than 90% of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP) and including the Group of 20 (G20) large economies … Read More

  • Market Month: July 2021

    The Markets (as of market close July 30, 2021) Stocks closed generally higher in July, despite a downturn at the end of the month. Second-quarter corporate earnings data was generally strong, although some megacap companies … Read More

  • Signs of a Scam and How to Resist It

    Although scammers often target older people, younger people who encounter scams are more likely to lose money to fraud, perhaps because they have less financial experience. When older people do fall for a … Read More

  • Stock Market Risks in the Spotlight

    During March 2021, the widening availability of COVID-19 vaccinations, signs of improving economic conditions, and a third, $1.9 trillion stimulus package brought about more optimistic growth projections. Even though a healthy economy could be good … Read More

  • Unexpected Surge in Renovation Projects

    Home-improvement spending normally lags during recessions, but COVID-19 sparked an unexpected surge in do-it-yourself renovation and maintenance projects. Many households whose finances held up during the pandemic devoted time and money to making … Read More

  • Quarterly Market Review: April-June 2021

    The Markets (second quarter through June 30, 2021) The second quarter began with stocks making solid gains in April. COVID vaccines became available to more Americans. The federal government and several states pushed forward with … Read More